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Lemon creams is a kind of drink with commonner summer, not only can embellish lung relieves a cough, and classics tipple is the profit that has a lot of to the body, lemon creams in at ordinary times it is in the life very get authority gay, and a lot of people meet him to make lemon cream in the home at ordinary times, want to take the word that lemon creams, had better be to lie between water to stew, the lemon that lies between water to stew creams the effect just is better, and nutrient value also is richer.

 Lemon creams need not lie between water to stew

Lemon creams can stew with what boiler:

Citric ice massecuite can use electric stewpan infusion, OK also with arenaceous boiler

The circumstance heats to issue meet and acerbity happening to mirror when using iron bowl aluminous boiler. Cannot stew with high-pressured boiler, temperature is exorbitant, destroy nutrient part.

Lemon creams must lie between water to stew:

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Boiling lemon to cream is to had better lie between water to stew. Should stew 12-18 commonly the hour just is to compare good lemon to cream, if be bright fire little, may burn worked, also affect mouthfeel nutrition value.

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Measure: 1. Wash all lemon clean with saline rub first, cut next, eliminate seed (can cut small, but get certainly small, smaller boil more delicious. )

2. cuts good lemon to put the handleless cup that stew, putting crystal sugar, do not need to add water, be being written down lie between water to stew.

3. sees time, stew 8 to 10 hours. The lemon after been stew creams show puce thick stiff OK.

4. is put cool hind can hold bottle, refrigerating.

 Lemon creams need not lie between water to stew

It is OK that lemon creams drink every day

See heft. Everyday right amount word, can accept commonly.

If have at ordinary times phlegmy, if sticking, slanting can drink lemon of dried tangerine or orange peel of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb for a long time cream. Lemon of dried tangerine or orange peel of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb creams basically have expectorant the action that relieve a cough. If be companion of cold initial stage has,give out heat be afraid of cold, cough, yellow phlegmy word is improper then. After catching a cold, return a bit phlegmy, stickier, if the mouth works, be more appropriate a bit. This medicine is gentler also, eat for a long time without what side-effect.

Citric cream how to drink

1. direct spoon is taken devour, feed pair of dry cough to not have namely phlegmy, the person that cough up phlegm carries blood has very good curative effect, a day two to 3;

2. strong bubble is drinkable, one teaspoon can develop 250ml, tepid water, put water on the ice or mix fruit juice all but, be like add whisky, the; such as black tea

 Lemon creams need not lie between water to stew

Condiment regards as souse carnivorous or sauce of the law that make sand when 3. cooking, flavor, if lemon creams,fry tomato or souse beef, already disappear fat goes fat go again drive of raw meat or fish is cold antiseptic; 4. DirectForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Dip in as conserve biscuit, fruit, potato fried chicken piece, popcorn.

The other that lemon creams utility

Use as protect skin to taste daub, after on skin of even Tu Yu 15 minutes abluent (proposal first) of little scope try out, commonly used can maintain skin flexibility to defer ageing, go blain goes acne, dispel spot beauty is white, pregnant woman1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Daub belly can prevent gravid grain generation.

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Shanghai noble baby

Citric the practice that cream

1.Xian Ning Meng puts salt abluent and cortical, drop doing gets ready.

2.The lemon after section goes seed tile follows profile in arenaceous boiler bottom, seed must take out, citric both ends also had better want take out, make sure lemon creams mouthfeel sweet alcohol is not agonized.

3.Put crystal sugar, build top, put arenaceous bowl inside iron bowl next, water is added inside iron bowl, lie between water to stew 10 hours.

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4.Take out arenaceous boiler to carry the medium baking temperature on gas burner to receive juice, 9 minutes, boil can involve fire.

5.The bottle after refrigeration can.

Xiao stick person

1, bicephalous needle is chosen when lemon chooses, color delicacy is yellow, the skin after good lemon dissections is thin, seed is little, flavour is not agonized.

2, rock candy can be knocked break a few shops are in citric surface, the meeting in stewed process melts slowly, be sure to keep in mind not to add water.

3, should choose to lie between water to stew 10 hours, cannot put on gas burner directly, cannot meet anxious.

4, lie between water to stew must build top, otherwise water can be splashed go in.

5, the OK also and direct stewpan that use phone is stewed, more convenient, just can inferior to prepare a bit on flavour.

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