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After darling got thrush, constant regular meeting brings about oral cavity to ache, at that time darling appetite drops, constant regular meeting appears cry be troubled by, appear this kind of circumstance, the parent should notice somewhat more in dietary respect, foodForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Want a few more delicate, can eat a few fluidity and pappy food to darling, drink a few congee for exampleForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
, drink soup of a few nourishing to wait a moment, want seasonable treatment during this of course, we will read thrush food note.

Thrush food note

Thrush food note

1, egg

Thrush is infection of white beads bacterium is caused, suit to grow below acidity environment, after drinkable tea water, because tea water is the beverage that belongs to alkali sex, go against white beads bacterium live, have the effect that restrains beads bacterium breed.

[have a way] everyday milliliter of bubble water 200-300 is advisable.

2, Lu Hui

Aloe Ding is the material with the very strong sex that fight bacterium, can exterminate the bacteria such as a variety of fungus, mould, bacterium, virus, the growth that restrain and abolishs pathogen is progenitive.

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
[have a way] advisable without 100-200 gram.

3, citric

Lemon has the effect of clear hot detoxify, can promote the eduction of body toxin, also become alkalescent, the breed of unfavorable beads bacterium, have the effect that restrains beads bacterium.

[have a way] everyday it is advisable that bubble water drinks 300-400 milliliter.

Thrush food note

4 of thrush feed fill square:

1, congee of leaf of turnip henon bamboo

Raw material: Turnip 100 grams, henon bamboo leaf 25 grams, rice 50 grams.

Practice: Henon bamboo leaf adds turnip of water decoction, ; extraction juice to cut small, add water to boil congee together with rice, congee is close ripe when join boil of juice of henon bamboo leaf.

Effect: Cool and refreshing, solution is hot, aphtha of appropriate Yu E, stomatitis.

Appropriate month age: Darling of 6 months above. If baby is too little, can wet nurse edible, connectShanghai 1000New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Spend a net

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Too galactic also can be absorbed by darling.

2, dandelion gram drink

Raw material: Bright dandelion 50 grams, gram 30 grams.

Practice: Dandelion adds water decoction, take juice, boil into gram to sodden heat can.

Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, diuresis comes loose knot. Can treat thrush. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Appropriate month age: Darling of 6 months above. If baby is too little, can wet nurse edible, through galactic also can be absorbed by darling.

3, watermelon tomato juice

Raw material: Watermelon 500 grams, tomato 250 grams.

Thrush food note

Practice: After putting watermelon and tomato stripping and slicing juicer to extract juice, filter take juice can.

Effect: Face of clear heat, stimulative ulcer cicatrizations, suit ulcer of thrush, oral cavity.

Appropriate month age: Darling of 4 months above.

4, balm weak brine

Raw material: Balm, salt.

Practice: With balm 10 number drip, strong in changing the weak brine that controls at 10 milliliter, drip every time the 2-4 inside the entrance drips.

Effect: Antiphlogistic, antiseptic, clear heat, cool blood.

Appropriate month age: Darling of 2 months above.

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