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The flesh is in at ordinary times eat a law to have a lot of, inherent quantity of heat is strong in beef, can use at nourishing Qing Dynasty to suffer from, recuperate the body, a lot of natural gas blood are insufficient, complexion is cadaverous, the body is not strong, limply person, can pass the method that has beef more to alleviate, beef is to be able to enhance a constitution, accelerate the refreshment of musculature, enhance the rehabilitate of ligament, the edible method of beef is very much, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Can do chili to fry beef or the hot ground meat that fry an ox, these practices nutrient value is high, absorb easily at the same time can go with rice.

Chili fries the practice encyclopedia of beef

Dry chili fries beef


Bovine thigh meat, do chili, green, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, soy, potato pink, salt, face of Chinese prickly ash, gallinaceous essence


1, beef is abluent cut chip, add pink of a few potato, cooking wine, salad oil (soya-bean oil of what also go) catch divide evenly with the hand, souse reserves.

2, dry chili uses bleb a little while, write dry.

3, fry dry chili firstForum of Shanghai night net

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, after becoming angry, fill piece, enter a few oil to the middle of boiler again, the beef that has bloated is put after waiting for oil to leave, conflagration is fried quickly medicinal powder, mix chopped green onion, Jiang Si, garlic piece fry sweet, enter soy mix colors, add area of a few salt, Chinese prickly ash, after waiting for beef color to show golden scene, enter the dry chili that has exceeded beforehand, the essence that add chicken breaks up fry even with respect to OK!

Xiao hang

Bloat beef when must put a few oil, such reentry boiler conflagration are fried won’t hard, still added potato pink especially, the flesh tastes tender tender, exceed assist! Hahaha!

Chili fries the practice encyclopedia of beef

The hot ground meat that fry an ox


The ox wrings the flesh half jins of green 2 garlic bolt a chili 12 the head of garlic 23 ginger soy of a few of 1 small beans Chi candy of 2.5 big spoon hot thick broad-bean sauce of a few of 1 teaspoon pepper a few of makings of Zuo of 2 big spoon



Does the ox wring fleshy: ? Crown Z expects (rice wine, soy, candy) catch Zuo 15 minutes. Green, garlic bolt, chili, the head of garlic, ginger all cuts end to reserve. Fabaceous Chi: ? Green of? of W of deceive of another name for Jiangxi Province of  of  of Chong of You of Chun Huan Ji / garlic is white, green apart.


Heat up oily boiler, expect Xin Xiang (powder of very light blue, garlic bolt, garlic, chili and Jiang Mo) next boiler explode sweet. Join an ox to wring the flesh then and dial a pine. After wringing the flesh to begin to turn over white, add hot thick broad-bean sauce of one big spoon to fry first sweet, rejoin all flavoring and fabaceous Chi.

Chili fries the practice encyclopedia of beef

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Chili onion fries beef


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Green chili, onion, beef, give birth to pink, unripe smoke, salt, corn oil, a bit makingsLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Wine, chili, vinegar


1, will green chili is abluent, cut agglomerate, reserve.

2, onion cuts shiver, reserve.

3, beef cuts strip.

4, the beef in the bowl is added unripe pink, unripe smoke, cooking wine of oil of salt, corn, little, a mix is even, bloat.

5, hot pot cold oil, next beef break up fry.

6, wait for beef to change color is whiten, add onion, chili, break up together fry 2 minutes.

7, add unripe smoke, vinegar of salt, a few, break up fry.

8, beef is fried ripe, but those who fry is not quite old, chili, onion is fried ripe can.

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