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Breed is more, have Lanzhou beef side, face of beef of braise in soy sauce. The nutrition of beef face is more considerable, taste is better, use beef face in the winter not only quantity of heat is very low, return the nutrient element that can add human body, accelerate the gas blood circulation of the body1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
. Winter takes beef side, can prevent cold fight aspic, as the friends during reducing weight for, the adipose content of beef is not very tall, so right amount use does not have a problem.

Is beef face quantity of heat still worrying to eat more not fat?

Alias: Lanzhou beef faceFall in love with the sea

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Quantity of heat: 119 kilocalorie (100 overcome)

Classification: Gansu Province dish

Traffic light:

Arenaceous boiler, boil: This kind of dish relatively delicate quantity of heat is normally inferior, the adipose, oil with apparent eliminate wants only during reducing weight can edible.

Nutrient information

Nutriment content (every 100 grams) nutriment content (every 100 overcome)

Quantity of heat (kilocalorie) 118.89 carbohydrate (gram) 16.95

Adipose (gram) 3.13 albumen1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Qualitative (gram) 6.09

Cellulose (gram) 0.39

Beef of braise in soy sauce

Is beef face quantity of heat still worrying to eat more not fat?

MaterialLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

1. sirlon 1 jin, tomato 1, bai Luobo 1/2, green 2, laojiang is counted piece, garlic 5, anise a few, soup-stock is right amount, 2. Play a side right amount, green vegetables is right amount, pickled Chinese cabbage is right amount, chopped green onion is right amount, hot thick broad-bean sauce 3 big spoon, soy 1/2 cup, rock candy a few, bittern bag 1

Is beef face quantity of heat still worrying to eat more not fat?


(1) predicts sirlon, tomato, Gong Bailuo stripping and slicing first, green is cut paragraph, garlic is patted broken reserve.

(After 2) boils one boiler hot water to had ironed sirlon quick-boil, press sirlon with the hand is being used by the side of water edge , squeeze hematic water go out to arrive to come out without hematic water all the time, drop does park aside.

(Salad oil is put inside 3) boiler, medium baking temperature explodes sirlon is joined to mix ceaselessly after sweet ginger garlic fry, join hot thick broad-bean sauce, soy in succession, make sirlon chromatically, piquancy appears.

(4) joins soup-stock in boiler, allow with building sirlon to be slightly, and bag of tomato, will red Bai Luobo, anise, green, rock candy, bittern joins Shang Zhong, conflagration is boiled scoop up except bubble, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Turn small fire is boiled to sirlon soft sodden tasty is soup of beef of braise in soy sauce namely.

(5) thoroughlies cook noodle, enter beef boiling water, add chopped green onion, very hot green vegetables, pickled Chinese cabbage can edible.

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