Wisdom community creats for village owner good life experience

When believing very m上海贵族宝贝交流区

uch community owner has experience to cross village of pass in and out, forgot to carry entrance guard card, when when can awkward troublesome security personnel opens the door or waiting for other owner pass in and out only, ability comes to be a guest into; good friend, arrived at the do上海夜网

or the village can wait f上海夜网论坛

or you to come out to open the door only received; to lose entrance guard check not carefully, still must spend money to fill do a variety of lot, make broad owner bitter can’t bear character.

Delectable is, xiamen constant the 100 million owner t爱上海龙凤419桑拿

hat still taste bay village people won’t have such trouble again. Recently, regard constant as the 100 million Xiamen case that still taste bay wisdom community to promote plan service business limited company of technology of couplet of content of United States spy, personnel of special arrangement technology arrives community, on-the-spot guidance is broad of system of owner wisdom entrance guard use. Constant 100 million still taste system of entrance guard of bay village wisdom to rely on APP of village community mobile phone, owner is registered through downloading installation, into use mobile phone of little zone time 2 dimension pile up scanning to open a lock automatically, village of owner pass in and out is convenient and quick, can dominate turnover of blame village staff again. Mobile spot attracted owner of nearly 100 villages to be participated in to the spot, to property this civilian measure, everybody praises more consistently.

In recent years, wisdom community is walking into the life of ordinary common people stage by stage, service at us each person. Wisdom community relies on the flying development at technology of content couplet net, Internet, use the modern technology such as cloud computation, the modernization that raises community, intelligence changes a standard, create better life for owner, support community value promotion then, the implementation person and the harmony of natural harmonious,上海千花网龙凤论坛

economy and society, harmony of resource and environment.

Village community offers the APP that wisdom life serves for community owner as, aim to raise village property to serve a level, build the communication bridge of property and village owner, what bring brand-new and convenient life to serve an experience for village owner is integrated model service. This APP is rock-bottom framework and Internet photograph union with equipment of passageway of net of couplet of village other people, compositive the community that group of community security service, community passageway service, fundamental property service, village li爱上海同城对对碰

fe service, circumjacent trade serves serves platform. The service on the clue that village community provides owner includes wisdom to jockey, entrance guard of 2 dimension code, caller is current, complain a newspaper to repair, the function such as service of proposal of property pay cost, opinion, voting, circle, life.

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