Detail of more of Stadia of platform of game of cereal song cloud experiences actually depend on player bandwidth

The future of game is not a box. Introduce Stadia, one comes from new play platform of Gu Ge, aim to let a player can play 3A game in all equipment upper reaches. At any time and place amuse oneself game plays game in many equipment upper reaches, include table plane, jotter, the part picks calm mobile phone and flat computer, the web with more expensive need fast through YouTube and the means of more new play besides from watch a video to arrive amuse oneself game, need a few seconds only, partial play has even more innovatory game experiences highest 4K HDR is mixed the HDR image with beauty and fluent frame number enjoy 60 frame the sport that you like, frame of 4K HDR 60 depends on your bandwidth, real play experience may decide instant amuse oneself according to network quality to was not updated, did not download, the cloud framework that needs to enter the experience Stadia with better and better game only will pass the author’s requirement according to video of player, developer and YouTube and ceaseless and developmental more detail becomes game development more super- of your imaginary Stadia without magnanimity of dimensions of platform of the game that seam the cloud, offer a tool to promote game development for developer use second for generations to develop a tool to one of the most powerful development platform on new administrative levels world, ceaseless and developmental custom-built hardware, all build go up in newest foundation opening a source and your game an evolution our custom-built hardware has level sex ground and software and service level sex ground is updated, you are so big OK and dedicated implementation your great wish scene, the limitation hardware that need not worry about traditional platform configures CPU: Processor of framework of AMD custom-built X86, 2.7Ghz, exceed line Cheng, GPU of Avx2.0 instruction collect: 10.7 trillion / the floating-point operation ability of the second (exceed PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to calculate force summation) , HBM2 is shown put, memory of 56 computation unit: 16GB, transmission rate is top can amount to 484GB/ second, memory of cloud of SSD of 9.5MB L2+L3 cache is powerful but the tool that is familiar with very much again by the tip among the powerful development tool that makes with technical partner, the powerful tool that you can use these to be able to progress with is visional custom-built tool of engine Unity engine: One eliminates Bug and tool to debug suit, help developer is optimal use this platform, shed function to diagnostic GPU to break down from strings fine fine tuning is whole the tool inside course of study: Havok, ren上海千花网交友

derDoc, visual Studio, LLVM, AMD RadeonTM2 GPU Profiler, incrediBuild, umbraTM 3, faceFX, intelligent music system can play platform of play of game Stadia roam to be able to let a player be in in all equipment upper reaches TV, table machine, jotter, flat and mobile phone upper reaches play, suppor上海龙凤论坛sh1f

t Stadia handle, mouse, clavier, and handle of many HID game inputs / the input with compatible and current output: Stadia supports standard handle input, do not need pushbutton of additional assistant of development cereal song: Stadia handle has a button of special cereal song assistant, open applies setting newly, appeal inside real time新上海贵族宝贝论坛

game for instance, open group of group of a many person, share the part inside game, catch etc: Of Stadia handle share pushbutton to be able to yield player cut picture, share oneself good friend. In addition the player still can take game part, pass them in your YouTube channel. Need to press pushbutton of a handle to be able to be accomplished only. Develop game of a new generation to last developmental platform is not had seam use newest software, hardware 上海千花网交友

and function realize your male wish scene to play individual code in upper reaches of many connective equipment base allow a player to be in TV, jotter, table machine, the amuse oneself on flat and mobile phone is same the doorsill player with an inferior game needs to be clicked only can阿爱上海同城

enter game, because game is direct,needing dow爱上海同城手机版

nload is newest all the time string together from high in the clouds stream, of player amuse oneself is the likelihood with newest infinite version forever the powerful function solution of Stadia locked up game to design, “1000 people eat chicken ” it is a dream no longer

The support inside course of study: Stadia development is covered had been sent toward more than 100 many development in business hand, the cooperative manufacturer that appears on the news briefing: 2K Games (go up in the news briefing, gu Ge uses ” NBA 2K ” the Crow Play function that revealed Stadia) Id Software Q-Games SE (on the news briefing Gu Ge uses ” barrow beautiful shadow: Rise abruptly ” the function of cereal song assistant that reveals Stadia) TequilaWorks

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