Pool of river of battle of FGF of contest of NEOGEO world tour, do not move bright Wang Zhai to get Shanghai station champion

Will be in on December 17 spot of congress of FGF family game, NEOGEO world tour surpasses (English full name: NEOGEO World Tour, use English abbreviation below: The final that NGWT) Shanghai stands is punctual start shooting. Through the spot two projects double the intense contend that defeats contest to make 14 games, river pool was won finally ” boxing emperor 98 ” the champion of the project. River pool comes from Guangxi river pool, it is fistfight of energy of life of the person that fight a fish advocate sow, ceng Huo mu爱上海同城对对碰

st fight piscine U league matches ” boxing emperor 13 ” project, ” boxing emperor 14 ” the runner-up of the project, ” boxing emperor 97 ” the champion of the project. And obtain ” boxing king 14 ” of project champion do not move bright king, it is player of hall of the celebrity that fight contest, ceng Huo gets NEOGEO world tour to surpass the first season ” boxing emperor 14 ” project second place, SNK government preelection surpasses champion of Hong Kong area. In this second match, two took the champion stake of 1000 dollars severally, and ” direct ” the qualification of NEOGEO world total final. On December 17 afternoon, the player that shows itself from inside nearly 2000 players signing up and honored guest reach FGF spot early, spot audience also ground of too impatient to wait wants to witness what NGWT final is in Chinese Shanghai to appear first, and the birth of champion. The hill outside president of SNK company limited is fair also advance in contest went to open contest to make a speech, introduced the history that NEOGEO world tour surpasses not only, also congratulate beforehand Shanghai station to serve as what world tour surpasses match of the 9th station to hold consummation at the same time. This the field of the match is set in the Shanghai hall of center of Shanghai international conference, china International is here during importing exposition, those who review the chairman welcomes each country head of state is muti_func上海千花网交友

tion field. After undertaking according to norms of competition of contest of international form report field is decorated, the oldest rate presented the ma上海千花网龙凤论坛

tch result with electric competition eye of intense, dazzle, nervous issue, make attendant audience big breathe out satisfy a craving. Afternoon 1 when 30 minutes, NEOGEO world tour surpasses start shooting of match of phase of Shanghai station final. Through the intense contend of winner group and group of the person that be defeated, afternoon 4 when enter formal final finally 30 minutes. As a result of fistfight game double defeat contest to make regulation, need of player of team of the person that be defeated just can win victo上海贵族宝贝

ry twice in adversary of the conquer in finals, such contest is made also added more suspense for finals. What begin above all is ” boxing emperor 98 ” contend, be opposite a both sides it is players of two famous fist emperor: River pool and old black. The match experience of two players is disparate, river pool advances triumphantly all the way in winner group, and old black negative when the first round of match Yu Hechi, but later break through上海夜网

a tight encirclement in group of the person that be defeated, stand before the other side afresh eventually. After the match begins, the role of embattle of bilateral platoon arms is almost same, match of before 4 bureaus hits very ankylose, form finally 2: 2 smooth situations. After the 5th bureau begins inning of decide the issue of the battle, river pool sends force suddenly, old black 8 gods and Kelisi are complete happy by the god of river pool suppress. But under, old black entered the court gate, the hope delays the competition, unexpectedly after river pool changes on 8 minds, arrested an entrance door continuously two 8 childish female, won match victory smoothly. Spread out subsequently ” boxing emperor 14 ” the contention of champion. This match photograph relatively rude at fine long hair of an intense rate color. Be opposite a both sides it is the big cousin ET that the hall fighting contest that comes from area of Chinese Hong Kong does not move bright Wangyu to come from Chinese Taiwan area. ET is in the winner group final before not enemy do not move bright king, but in heaven and earth of adversary of上海千花网龙凤论坛

hard conquer of the ET in group of the person that be defeated, again to do not move bright king to launch a challenge. The basis is suitable, do not move bright Wang Cao to make 1P, ET operates 2P. The both sides in match of before 6 bureaus showed driving actual strength, score hits into 1: 1 smooth. In the 7th bureau, after bilateral Najide and twinkling shadow explore each other continuously, ET twinkling shadow beats Najide, but not Beijing of enemy grass Shu , ha Dilan is successive also fall, ET can continue to use Li to bring graceful accept a challenge only. After beating careless Shu Beijing, the hematic quantity of Li An Na has seen an end, defeat the hand of Yu Jinjia Pan finally, score comes to 2: 1, do not move bright king to grab game ball. In the 8th bureau, the Hadilan of ET and Li An Na are not moved the careless Shu capital of bright king falls in advantage condition beat, do not move bright Wang Yi 3: The score of 1 wins the contest. Final, river pool was won ” boxing emperor 98 ” the champion of the project, old black a row runner-up, ET and small virtuous paratactic the 3rd. Player of Chinese Hong Kong fights contest hall to did not move bright Wang Ying to get ” boxing emperor 14 ” the champion of the project, ET obtained runner-up, heaven and earth and river pool to stand side by side the 3rd. In stirring prize-giving ceremony, station of Shanghai of contest of NEOGEO world tour is perfect fell heavy curtain.

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