The city can play! Belle advocate sow actually direct seeding change clothes changes a local tyrant to send 100 thousand

Female now advocate the groovy method that sows direct seeding to sold the flesh to had become a kind to earn audience eyeball, compare Yu Mou some advocate sow when rising abruptly, sell the meat now advocate sow really too much. Pardonable also, do not sell the flesh to be sucked after all do not wear of local tyrant dozen admire. Present local tyrant is hit easily admire on 10 thousand, who can can bear this temptation?

Yesterday evening, platform of some direct seeding female advocate ran between sowed direct seeding so a local tyrant. The mouth expresses to change a dress to send 100 thousand gift. Advocate sowing his also is very bold and unconstrained, begin to change clothes in public.

Local tyrant asks the first must be person wife outfit, advocate sow changed a black clothes immediately, plump bust lets a person look simply simply stayed eyeball.

The 2nd dress asks demon is installed, advocate sow say, nevertheless she changed suit of a Christmas, she often wears this dress when direct seeding, I often see. Feel very lovely, have the lovely interest of demon very much it seems that.

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