2600 yuan of Suo Ni are killed greatly implement! PlayStation VR leaves formally sell

Announce in the Suo Ni on the GDC congress this year the banner issues head of first virtual reality to wear equipment PS VR formally will this year roll out formally in October, and can hand in money to book ahead of schedule from the players since today, in order to make sure oneself will come take PS VR for a short while.

Suo Ni announces PS VR opens to booking formal open today, initial stage accepts order of suit of PS VR a photograph of whole family only, price 499 dollars (add up to 3200 RMBs about) , include controller of sense of body of two helmet of a PS VR, Move, PS4 Camera to photograph among them picture head, earphone and ” PlayStation VR Worlds ” fictitious game closes market, the player of PS4 bare chance was bought only before suiting very much.

Suo Ni respect is affirmatory, will have when PS VR is rolled out finally amount to 50 corresponding work and player to meet, and the virtual reality game in be being developed has about a hundred, because this player uses to do not have game to play concern far from.

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